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Stefania Cerretelli

Stefania is a PhD student registered at the University of Udine in Italy.  Stefania's PhD will investigate the spatial supply of several ecosystem services and the existence of synergies and conflict in ESS supply through engagement with the local communities.  It will Analyse how different groups of people might respond to environmental change and to incentives for ecosystem services conservation.  The specific aims of her work are to:

  • Understand the relationships between different dimensions of poverty and ecosystem services in the Halaba study area;
  • Assess the landscape capacity to supply multiple ecosystem services;
  • Investigate links between multiple dimension of poverty and how ecosystem services might contribute to its alleviation with respect to one or more of these dimensions;
  • Test new GIS-linked Bayesian Belief Network (BBN) tools for ecosystem service mapping;
  • Synthesise knowledge acquired into a conceptual model of which inference can be made through evidence propagation using BBN tools.