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Kindie Getnet

Kindie Getnet is a Research Economist in the Nile Basin and East African Sub-Regional Office, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am Agricultural Economist by profession, having empirical and theoretical background on issues related to economic growth and development, agriculture and rural development, and markets and trade. I have a work experience in teaching, research, and advisory service provision, extended over 20 years (7 years post PhD). I have skills and experience in developing concept notes, research proposals, and survey designs, in making qualitative and quantitative analysis (including participatory analysis and diagnostics), in preparing and communicating research reports, and in designing, appraising, managing, and evaluating both research and development projects. I have a record of publications in journals, books, book chapters, and various reports. I also have managerial experience in a research and professional environment. My current research activities include anticipation of livelihood and economic impacts of rainwater management in the Nile Basin and analysis of the functioning of the agricultural markets and their institutional environment. The livelihood and economic impact analysis activities in the Blue Nile basin include characterizing socioeconomic and biophysical processes, relationships and dynamics at a landscape scale.