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2 April 2014

Field work starts in Uganda

Field work begins at wetland field sites above potato fields at Muko, Kabale in Uganda. The wetland here is managed by a cooperative society for small scale, commercial potato growing between May - Oct. Many who join the cooperative come from areas far away, and are not part of the communities close to the wetland edges.

Field work included mapping micro topography in the field plots by measuring the dimensions of the trenches dug to plant potato; measuring CO2 emissions with an Environmental Gas Monitor (EGM) that measures the change in CO2 concentrations over a period up to 2 minutes. Gas samples are extracted from the chambers, and injected into vials. Vials are then shipped to the lab for analysis of different concentrations of different GHGs.This data allows the CO2 fluxes from the soils to be modelled and validated.