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Simon Langan

Simon Langan is senior researcher and Head of Office at the International Water Management Institute in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In this role I am developing a research portfolio which integrates biophysical and socioeconomic requirements to promote greater water productivity as a component to rainwater management strategies and increased livelihoods at a landscape scale in sub Saharan Africa. I am a specialist in integrated catchment management with particular interests in the role of land management in influencing stream and river functioning. I have a strong track record in interfacing the needs of science with policy makers in relation to environmental issues both through his long-term research and the management of a range of contracts. In my current role I have developed, lead and coordinated a range of research projects that together provide significant input to shaping national and international policy relating to water resources. I have also contributed to a number of national and regional science-policy advisory committees.  I have published over 100 scientific papers, reports and edited a book on impacts of pollutants on natural and semi-natural habitats and I am a regular reviewer of scientific papers and grant proposals. Prior to taking up my new post I had become increasingly involved with issues relating to the role of integrated water/catchment managements contribution to ecosystem services, sustainable livelihoods and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. This has been through building links with colleagues in the CG centres. One example of this work is Building Ecosystem Services for Semi Arid Africa (BESSA) a NERC-DfID funded project where with colleagues in ICRAF we have been investigating the use of payments for ecosystem services in the Sasuma catchment, Kenya.